Bathroom, Washbasin & Kitchen armatures

Bathroom armatures

It's time to try new concepts with brand new colors in bathroom mixers. Check out our affordable ABS plastic bath room and shower mixer series.

Washbasin armatures

Easy access to ABS plastic washbasin mixers in trendy colors, easy assembly. Color your spaces with washbasin mixers that can be mounted manually with the bottom connection nut without the need for any tools.

Kitchen sink armatures

Fashionable colors in kitchens with ABS plastic kitchen sink mixers that are easy to assemble, long-lasting and resistant to high temperatures.

WC Pan Connector, PPRC Ball Valve, Water Flex Hose

Wc pan connector

Wc pan connector is also called waste water installation connection hose,  is used in the connection of toilet bowl to waste water installation and in adjusting the pipe length. Since wc pan connector has an extendable and flexible structure, it provides convenience in installation. Wc pan connector comes in lengths of 35, 50 and 60 cm when extended. The inner diameter of the wc pan connector is 100 mm standard width. Extendable wc pan connector can be produced in blue, orange, red and black colored caps. Wc pan connector can be produced as straight, elbow and top holed models.

Pprc ball valve

PPRC ball valve is a plastic installation material that is generally used to control the flow in the water installation, containing a sphere made of brass metal or aluminum, produced from pprc plastic raw material, which can be opened and closed with a single action. PPRC ball valve is produced in different sizes from 1/2" to 11/2" widths and in the desired colors.

Water flex hose

Water flex hoses, produced by braiding EPDM hose with stainless steel wires, provide connection with brass nuts. Flexible water hose has a wide usage area from tanks to the connection of mixed batteries to the water system. Water flex hose, which can also be produced with colored stripes, comply with international standards in different lengths from 30 cm to 100 cm.

About us

Wc pan connector is an extendable and flexible waste water hose reinforced by stainless steel wire using to joint the toilet bowl to waste water installation. Wc pan connector models are straight wc pan connector, elbow wc pan connector and top holed wc pan connector. Pprc ball valve and water flex hose are our other plumbing products.  


Our company, which started its commercial life in 2004, started its corporate life as a Limited Company in 2021 with our POLYFIT brand, which we registered under difficult pandemic conditions. We continue our activities with the love of the first day with the aim of bringing easy-to-use, modern-looking and affordable products in plumbing materials to the consumer.


We are also pleased to offer our faucet mixers in modern colors, made of ABS plastic, in a classic faucet mixer look for bathroom, washbasin and kitchen sinks. 


Plastic mix faucet series can be available by our online store.


Wc pan connector, pprc ball valve and water flex hose are only for wholesale, we  have no retail. 

Modern ABS

Plastic Mix Faucets


* ABS plastic bath, washbasin and kitchen sink mix faucets are produced by nature friendly "LEAD FREE" technology


* Chrome, Anthracite, White and

   Black color options are available


* Connecting to the water installation parts are brass metal


* Resistant to high temperatures


* Sink connection device for easy 

   assembly available


* Our products are very light, easy carrying and storage


* No rusting as it is not metal and

   does not tarnish


* Suitable for intensive use.

   Mosque, hospital, social facilities, dining halls, dormitories, construction sites, etc. prefer to use modern ABS plastic mix faucets


* 2 years of warranty 

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Crome mix kitchen sink faucet SWAN
Mix Faucets
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Crome mix kitchen sink faucet



* Produced by ABS plastic

* Suitable for kitchen sinks

* Crome plated, does not rust nor tarnish

* Pipe joint nuts are brass metal

* Water outlet with aerator

* Easy assembly

* Very light, about 400 gr.

* High temperature resistant

* Hot cold water inlet


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